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We are 'Keeping it Local" in SWFL.  We are proud to be a part of this great community.  We welcome your feedback on how we've given you and your business a voice in SWFL.  Together we can build a stronger local economy.


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Amanda Devine Video Testimonial

Thanks so much Mary Anne and What's Up SWFL.

Amanda Devine
Fort Myers


What Great Exposure

Whats up SWFL, has done a fantastic job of promoting our business. They even hosted a blog radio talk show that that they invited us to participate in. What great exposure! The talk show has shown up on internet searches and really boosts our internet presence. We now have a site to send people to so they can hear first hand from us what our business is about. What's Up SWFL has also given us some great advice for our business.... They are knowledgeable and very personable. We feel the investment with Whats up SWFL has more than paid for itself.

Darlene Fletcher

Social Media Diligence

What's Up SWFL have been instrumental at assisting SWFL Naturally help get the word out about our "green" yellow pages in our community. Their consistent social media diligence keeps the name out in front of others so our drum beat gets louder.

Lynda Mastronardo

Creative and Innovative

The folks at What's Up SWFL love what they do, making them creative and innovative, it's been a pleasure to meet & work with them.

Lily Da Silva

Very Knowledgeable and Experienced

I would highly recommend What’s up SWFL. They are very knowledgeable and experienced in their field. They know how to make your business grow. They have done a great job in promoting LCBW and getting the word out through social media. The people at What's Up SWFL have a great personality, attitude, and is always willing to help others. They also have a great deal of professionalism and is a joy to work with.

Robin Schwartz
Fort Myers

The Best Internet Marketing Specialist

What's Up SWFL is the best internet marketing specialist that I have ever came across. In five months they have taken my blog from 17,500 hits a month to over 100,000 hits a month. Thanks to them now I am monetizing on it!!!

I highly recommend What's Up SWFL to anyone. If you desire to have your presence on the internet, you should hire them. Thank you, What's Up SWFL for your outstanding job and results!

Amanda Devine
Fort Myers

Look Forward To Continuing Our Business Relationship

What's Up SWFL is personable and a great to work with. They are very knowledgeable in marketing and Social Networking and does a great job at getting your name out there. When they say they are going to do something, it gets done! I have known What's Up SWFL staff for about 1 year now and look forward to continuing our business relationship. I also have a great new friends too.

Sue Meredith

You Won't Be Disappointed

I love working with What's Up SWFL and what they have done for my business. The What's Up SWFL site and all it's features have helped me to grow my business. I did a blog talk radio show and my website traffic jumped over 1000 hits in a very short time. I highly recommend utilizing What's Up SWFL and all their expertise. They loves what they do and it comes through in all her actions and in the results you will receive. You won't be disappointed!!

Jennifer Gilmore

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