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Written by Discriminating Diner     May 29, 2013    
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We caught wind that a new "Burger" restaurant recently opened in Fort Myers. It came highly recommended and so we recently paid Square 1 Burgers and Bar a visit for lunch.

Upon arriving we noticed there were people waiting to be seated but there was no hostess in sight. Before long 3 hostesses appeared. 1 seemed to be training the other 2 and there seemed to be some confusion as to who was to be seated next. As all inside seating was full, except for the community table located in the bar, we were told we could be seated on the outside patio with no waiting. As it was a pleasant day we opted for the outside seating. The tables are all high tops and the seats are not all the comfortable if  you are short in height. They are also not of the proper height to sit comfortably at the table to eat.

Our server was very friendly and explained the specials and all the options available for the "Burgers".  What is unique about Square 1 is that one can opt for the "Burgers" to be made with not only beef but kobe, turkey, chicken, lamb,buffalo as options. All the burgers and sandwiches are served with a choice of fries, steamed broccoli, baked beans or coleslaw. Other substitutes for an extra charge are sweet potato fries, fried jalapenos, mac and cheese or onion rings. 

After looking over the menu we were eager to try their burgers and choose our favorites... Chili Cheese Burger and the Blue Bacon Burger. My dining companion asked for extra chili on their burger but was told it came loaded with chili and that it was quite messy. I asked to have swiss cheese added to mine.  While waiting for our burgers to arrive we looked over the menu for what other interesting nibbles they may offer.

They do have a full bar and offer "adult" shakes such as a Muslide Shake and a Brandy Alexander Shake. For appetizers they have some different options....fried mac and cheese, Frito Chili Pie, Edamame, fried dill pickle chips plus others. They also have standards like Chicken wings and onion rings.  Everything on their menu sounds like it would delight any burger lover.

We did have to wait sometime for our order to arrive. My fired were nice and hot but my dining partners were not. They were warm at best. Now as for the star of the show....the burgers... sigh... we were disappointed. Remember that Chili burger smothered in chili to the point that it was messy... well one would need a magnifying glass to find the chili. Ok it was not that bad but close. If there was 2 tablespoons there was a lot. My companion did ask for extra but found the quality of the chili to average at best. Considering the $9.99 cost for the burger on would expect a memorable burger with a wow factor. The actual burger was cooked perfectly as requested and the meat quality is excellent.

As for the Blue Bacon Burger... it was lacking in blue cheese. This is the one ingredient that makes this burger one of my favorites and to have it lacking in enough of that great flavor was a major disappointment. The bacon was perfectly cooked as was my burger. This burger costs $10.99 and for the price this burger should of been over the top in flavor but instead Square 1 comes up short.

The burgers should be main attraction and the reason why one would return again and again. Based on our visit Square 1 comes close and with a little more attention to flavor profiles the burgers will reign supreme. They also need to work some glitches out in the kitchen and in service but given some time Square 1 could be the latest and greatest in Fort Myers but for now they fall just short of that. There is much potential for Square 1 to have the best burgers and if they just kick it up a notch it could become a local favorite.

We will give this one some time and visit it again.


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