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Written by Discriminating Diner     April 19, 2014    
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The Discriminating Diner wanted to do something different with its reviews this time around, we wanted to look within Southwest Florida for a true dinning experience.  We know the season is about to end, leaving us locals a lot more room to move around and explore this wonderful area we call home!  So we have done just that and decided to travel to the Southern end of Southwest Florida, to Marco Island, a true gem within our Southwest Florida home. 

We have heard a lot about Captain Brien’s and Off The Hook Comedy Club for some time and thought we would give it a try and report back to our loyal readers, hoping to offer everyone something new to do in the area during the summer months.  Have you ever wondered what it would be like to find a great meal and have the chance to have some true heartfelt belly laughs at the same time?!!  Well one only has to look to Marco Island to discover an establishment that offers just that, great food, great service and belly laughs to spare!  That’s right, we are talking about Captain Brien’s and the Off The Hook Comedy Club!  Definitely a place you want to visit!

If you think the trek down to Marco Island is too long, let those thoughts perish right now, as what is waiting for you is well worth your journey!  While the plaza that Captain Brien’s and Off The Hook Comedy Club is in is quite easy to find the actual location of Captain Brien’s and Off The Hook Comedy Club is slightly challenging.  It took us a few minutes to actually locate our destination once in the plaza, but to make it easy for you, just remember it is in the far left side corner of the plaza.  Lots of parking so no need to worry about that!  Captain Brien’s has two seating areas, one inside for those who want to see the comedy show and ample seating outside for those who just want to dine on some wonderful food!  It is suggested that you purchase your tickets online as the room for the comedy show has limited seating, which to us offers a much better experience as you get a much more personal show from the talent that is booked!  Just go online and you can see who the acts are, show dates and times as well as get a look at their marvelous menu!  We were surprised that ticket prices were so affordable, $20 range for regular seating and the $30 range for the VIP Section!  Not bad at all!!!

Once we found Captain Brien’s we were directed to the hostess station outside the door.  We had made reservations earlier in the day and were truly excited about trying out this venue for the first time.  We had heard good things about Captain Brien’s and Off The Hook Comedy Club but like many others felt it was too far to go for dinner and a show.  Well, we no longer think or feel that way!  The show we saw was Tom Cotter of America’s Got Talent and his wife who opened for him Kerri Louise.  Two very talented comedians that kept us laughing from the start of the show to the end of the show!  Two thumbs up for the talent!!!  The hostess was friendly, accommodating and quickly brought us to our table, which was perfect.  Although, after looking at the entire room, we all felt there really was not a bad table in the house, which is another plus for a smaller size room!  We have been to other local comedy clubs where they pack people in like sardines, which is not how we like to spend a night out, in the lap of a stranger! 

At Captain Brien’s and Off The Hook Comedy Club, lots of room, lots of great tables and an atmosphere that is both fitting for great food and great comedy.  A great blend is achieved, affording the patron a great experience indeed!  Once seated our waiter was table side getting our drink orders.  Nonalcoholic beverages were on our menu and were quickly provided to us along with a question and answer session of the menu.  Truly a seafood lovers haven indeed, from the fresh fish to the scallops to the lobster, it all looked mouth watering!  Then for the “Land Lubbers” such as myself, a wide array of selections were jumping off the page inviting me to try such appetizing selections as Prime Rib, Blacken Chicken Alfredo to the ever popular Yankee Pot Roast!  Many appetizers and sandwiches as well for those looking to have a lighter meal.  Once we decided on our selections, our waiter was there to take our order in no time at all.  My first dinning partner order the Fish and Chips.  My second dinning partner ordered the Island Paella.  I ordered an old time favorite, Prime Rib – Queens Cut.  While waiting for our meals to arrive we were impressed with the layout of the room as well as the décor.  The layout offers every seat a great view for the show, with room to feel comfortable and not on top of your neighbor!  The décor is that of island life that celebrates the sea and all its offerings to the obvious pictures of past performers which only makes you wonder who they will be getting next!  We did not wait long for our meals to arrive, and I must interject here that our drinks never were allowed to become empty, our server was always on top of that, never having to ask for a refill, which to me says more about an establishment than anything else! 

Our meals looked exquisite to say the least.  The Fish and Chips were crisp yet juicy and filled with flavor, the Island Paella looked fabulous, smelled wonderful and the taste was superb!  My Prime Rib was melt in your mouth good!  I was glad I order the Queens size (10 oz) as it was truly more than enough for this hearty eater.  I had mashed potatoes and grilled green beans and let me tell you, the mashed potatoes were real boiled and mashed potatoes, no flakes here!  The grilled green beans were to die for, never had I had such a flavorfully prepared green bean, just stunning to the taste buds!  My Fish and Chips dinning partner was in awe of the dish they had been served, as the authentic flavor and texture made them think when they had had a better Fish and Chips meal.  Now with my third dinning partner with the Island Paella, while they loved the flavor of the different components, they did feel it was just a little dry and would have loved some type of sauce to put over it.  Judging by the amount that was served and the amount that was boxed up to take home, the dryness did not seem to be a deterrent to the over enjoyment of the food experience! 

So all in all we had a great night!  The food was more than we had expected and the entertainment was better than we also were expecting!  Two funny individuals that had us thoroughly entertained all evening long, on a stomach that was happily filled with delicious food!  We all highly recommend you take the time to travel down to Marco Island and visit Captain Brien’s and Off The Hook Comedy Club!  You will be glad you did on all accounts!

Now I do feel it is important to note that there is a house rule that you have to be 18 and up to get into the show as the shows are adult in nature.  Also the food prices are moderate but once you taste the food, you sincerely realize you are getting a meal well worth the price!  So all in all a good night to get your favorite baby sitter and have a night out for the adults, a good way to unwind, enjoy some excellent food and have some true heartfelt belly laughs at the same time!  Check out the show schedules on their web site, find one, two or even three shows to go see, get your tickets online (well worth the price!!) and get ready for a night you will not soon forget!!  I know we all had a great time and now know that there really are some great things to do here in the Southwest Florida area during the off season.


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